Insomnia. Open-air Animation Festival in Russia
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Open-Air Animation Festival in Russia

July 18-22, 2019

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Insomnia is a truly independent animation festival which takes place in the Russian countryside.


Four nights in a row on a big and nice meadow surrounded by the forest we show best short animated films from all over the world. During daylight our guests can enjoy other festival activities — lectures, live music concerts, performances, craft market and art-installations. 

The safety of the visitors is one of our basic priorities. We have a professional 24-hours first-aid post, police station and security staff. 

In case anyone needs help, the Festival has a round the clock Info centre with english speaking volunteers, where you can get any kind of information and support. 

Every summer

4 nights in the forest

with best animated films from all over the world


7th Insomnia International Animation Film Festival

The Jury of the 7th Insomnia International Animation Film Festival revealed the 2019 award winners.

The Insomnia Grand Prix 2019

FIVE MINUTES TO SEA / Natalia Mirzoyan / Russian Federation, 2018

The Profnastil Prize (the best film of the international competition - professional works) and $500

SWEET NIGHT / Lia Bertels / Belgium, 2018 / 13'46”


The Debyutoria Prize (the best film of the international competition - young animation) and $500
DAUGHTER / Daria Kashcheeva / Czech Republic, 2019 / 14'43”


The Equilibristics Prize (the best non-narrative or experimental film of the international competition) and $500

FLOW / Adriaan Lokman / Netherlands - France, 2019 / 13'45”


The Special Prize
TOOMAS BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE WILD WOLVES / Chintis Lundgren / Estonia - France - Croatia, 2019 / 18'00”

The Child Dreams Prize (the best work for young audiences) 

AM I A WOLF? / Amir Houshang Moein / Iran, 2018 / 08'15”


The Music of the Night Prize (the best music video work)

BOUGE TON COEUR / Andrea Schneider / Switzerland, 2017 / 03'15”

The Special Distinction of the Jury
A BUS / Wenyu Li / China, 2018 / 06”37”
LOLA THE LIVING POTATO / Leonid Shmelkov / France - Russian Federation, 2018 / 17'18”
THE DIVER / Юля Войтова (Ula Voitova) / France, 2018 / 04'13”


The Diplomas of the Jury

ETERNITY / Anastasia Melikhova / Denmark, 2018 / 03’00”
GRAND BASSIN / Héloïse CourtoisChloé PlatVictori Jalabert, Adèle Raigneau / France, 2018 / 06'37”
PAPER OR PLASTIC / Nata Metlukh / United States, 2019 / 07'37”
PER TUTTA LA VITA / Roberto Catani / France - Italy, 2018 / 05'20”
QUIET / Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen / Norway, 2018 / 06'40”
SYMBIOSIS / Nadja Andrasev / France, 2019 / 12'48”


The 2x2 Channel Prize (non-jury award)
A DEMONSTRATION OF BRILLIANCE IN FOUR ACTS / Morten TšinakovLucija Mrzljak / Estonia, 2018 / 15'00”

The Insomnia-2019 Jury included directors of animation films Natalia Berezovaia and Ira Elshansky, motion designer and lecturer at HSE Art and Design School Aleksey Ermolaev, film critics and journalists Ekaterina Vizgalova and Stanislav Dedinskiy.

The 7th Insomnia International Animation Film Festival was held from 18 to 22 July 2019 in Moscow and Kaluga region (Russia).


See you at the next Insomnia Festival in summer of 2020! The work of the selection committee will begin in the fall of 2019!

Best regards,

Pavel Shvedov
the programming director of the Insomnia Festival


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